Roseann Bennett: How She Founded Her Organization And Where The Future Of Therapy Lies


Roseann Bennett, a valued member of the mental health industry, is the brains behind the Center for Assessment and Treatment. As the co-founder and executive director of the Center, Roseann Bennett plays a pivotal role in its operations.

Though Roseann Bennett is currently at the helm of the Center for Assessment and Treatment, she began her illustrious career as an in-home therapist. After her stint as an in-home counselor, Bennett transitioned into outpatient therapy. Her transition brought with it one unsettling discovery: patients were waiting anywhere from six to nine months to receive treatment.

In the hopes of reducing wait times, Bennett devised the Center for Assessment and Treatment. Since it serves as a non-profit organization, the Center rapidly accepts patients. Bennett describes her enterprise as an “organization focused on treating and advocating for people from all walks of life.” When Bennett embarked on this undertaking, money was scarce. Bennett’s unbridled ambition ensured that this shortcoming wouldn’t be a deterrent. Bennett reveals that she “began conservatively,” bringing in couches from her own home to furnish the office. Though money was tight, Bennett never lost sight of her goals. Visit This Page for related information.

To this day, Bennett has never turned down a client. It’s for this reason why she’s held in such high esteem. These days, Bennett is empowering the youth via her scholarship program. Bennett’s scholarship program is offered to young collegiate who are pursuing a career in mental health. As a mental health professional herself, Bennett grasps the difficulties associated with her trade, especially when it comes to funding your dreams. As a forward-thinker, Roseann Bennett strives to remain on the cutting edge of developments. A recent trend Bennett’s been following is telemedicine, and she maintains that this progressive approach will no doubt be the future of therapy.


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Roseann Bennett On Why She Chose To Start Canine-Based Therapy At Her Treatment Center


If you are unable to get easy access to mental health treatment in New Jersey, you might want to visit the Center for Assessment and Treatment. It is a popular non-profit mental health agency based in New Jersey and was started by Roseann Bennett and her husband. They understand what the people without the support for their mental health issues go through.

Thanks to the modern advancements in the field of medicine and mental health therapies, there are treatments available that can help you get rid of mental health issues with ease. Roseann Bennett uses her over a decade of experience to help people with their mental health issues. Bennett feels satisfied and happy to be able to help people get back on their feet and revive themselves after being affected for long from depression, anxiety, ADHD, family issues, and more. Go To This Page for related information.

But, there are also treatments that have been used for many centuries and Roseann Bennett is not afraid to use them as they can be very effective. It is the reason why she started Canine-Based Therapy by introducing Jack, the therapy dog. Jack has undergone extensive training as a therapy dog. Roseann Bennett believes that Jack helps calm children who come to her for therapy for different issues.

Roseann Bennett studied marriage therapy and psychology from Seton Hall University. After completing her masters, Roseann Bennett started working as an in-home therapist that allowed her to interact with hundreds and thousands of people with mental health issues. If you are looking for any kind of basic or advanced treatment for your mental health issues, the experts at the Center for Assessment and Treatment would be able to help. Roseann Bennett has ensured that the facility has some of the top mental health experts on board to help people get the reliable treatment they came looking for.


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Roseann Bennett Is A Marriage And Family Therapist Who Takes On Patients Others Turn Down


Roseann Bennett is a marriage and family therapist based in New Jersey who has many years of experience working with families and adolescents. Roseann Bennett and her husband Todd,  worked to establish the non-profit organization, The Center for Assessment and Treatment, that serves the community it operates out of.


Bennett serves as the agency’s executive director and is also an American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy Approved Supervisor and ACS Approved Supervisor. Bennett is also the Northern Chapter President of the New Jersey Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.


Roseann Bennett has always wanted to work in a career where she could help others. It has been a blessing to her to be able to make a difference in her community and to see the positive changes that occur within families who she works with. She earned her master’s degree in psychological studies while studying at Seton Hall University and went on to receive a specialist in education degree in marriage and family therapy, as well. Bennett, later on, finished up the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) Approved Supervision Fundamental Course and now works to heal as many people as she can. Go Here to learn more.


Roseann Bennett feels that the counseling sector could use plenty of improvements but acknowledges that court-ordered counseling related to divorce cases has been making a big difference. Roseann Bennett feels the best when she is able to see how counseling has helped an individual to transform their life. Many of the patients she works with have no hope and are living in a world they perceive as sad and lonely. She is disappointed by the fact that most patients have to wait a long time before even being seen for an initial visit. She has been working to offer treatment to people who cannot afford to get in anywhere else due to their economic status.


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Roseann Bennet Can Help You Achieve A Successful Marriage

Roseann Bennet serves as the Executive Director of the Center of Assessment and Treatment. The center is located in New Jersey. The successful lady has a lot of experience when it comes to marriage therapy, and that is why she started the center to help those facing such challenges. She discovered that many people struggle in their marriage life and they need the help of an expert to enable them to correct the situation.

Roseann Bennett is an expert and decided to dedicate her life to helping others to achieve success. Those who need counselling for their marriage to be successful can consider working with Roseann Bennet, and they will find it useful and their marriage may be smooth. She is dedicated to her work, and all she wants is to see others living normal lives without facing challenges. Apart from offering guidance and counselling, Roseann Bennett is also a leader who is known in many spheres of life.

The primary objective of starting the organization is to assist people fighting in their lives every day due to marital issues and other problems that strain their relationships. Roseann has been successful in providing therapy sessions to people with various challenges like depression. Such a problem can lead to difficulties in marriage and can also lead to mental issues. She wants to share a lot of information, and that is why she works as a blogger. She has a blog where she provides valuable information concerning mental issues. Through her blog, she has provided people with a lot of helpful information that they can use to overcome many issues affecting their lives. See Related Link for additional information.

Millions of people in America experience mental issues like depression. Concerning marriage, many also have issues in their marriage. That is why Roseann Bennet decided to venture into this career because she believes in helping others.


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