Is The Quincy A Safe Place?

The Quincy is an apartment building complex located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. It offers a variety of apartments to potential renters. However, events in recent years have New Jersey locals asking if the Quincy is a safe place to live. This comes after a widely publicized pizza robbery in 2013 and a shooting in 2015. Some call the apartment complex building a hotspot for crime, while others claim it is safe.


The robbery occurred on May 7, 2013.


When a pizza delivery driver was called to a residence at The Quincy, the occupant told him that he had not ordered a pizza. On the way back to his car, three young men told him that the pizza was theirs. When he went back to his car to retrieve it, a gun was pointed at him. The suspects demanded money and made off with his wallet and the pizza. In the days that followed, the South Brunswick Police were able to track down the leader of the trio and make an arrest. Chief Raymond Hayducka is quoted as saying the rate of violent crime is low in the New Brunswick, New Jersey community.


And the shooting happened on October 7, 2015.


Three or four shots rang out early in the night. Shortly afterward, a gunshot victim showed up at the emergency room at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital with a non-lethal gunshot wound. Police went back to the apartment buildings the next day to investigate when bullet casings were discovered.


From these events described, it is up to potential renters and local New Jersey citizens to decide if they feel the Quincy is still a safe place.


Talk Fusion – Revolutionizing The Email Marketing Industry

With the birth of large video platforms in the early 2000s such as YouTube, the way internet users consume information has never been the same. Humans are very visual creatures and usually prefer viewing information in the simplest way possible. Rather than reading endless lines of text, we would much rather view a stunning video production that features a talented speaker or voice over who spoon feeds us the information that the message contains. This is where WebRTC (Real-Time Communication) and companies like Talk Fusion come in.


Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a multi-level marketing company that offers a convenient solution for businesses that want to take their email marketing campaigns to the next level. They offer an easy to use platform which allows companies to embed videos seamlessly into the emails they send to their clients which play right in the message itself by utilizing browser technology. On top of that, Talk Fusion also provides technology that allows recipients of email marketing newsletters the ability to make a direct video call to the sender in order to ask questions about products face to face with a real live operator via video chat. All of that convenience in one package is what ultimately makes companies like Talk Fusion a valuable asset to any company that is looking to increase their email marketing success.


CEO Bob Reina

Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007 with the mission of helping as many companies as possible with innovative video email technology. Not only did he achieve that goal, he has also helped thousands of employees in more than 140 countries gain valuable sales experience and improve their own lives. With the recent launch of a revolutionary new training system Talk Fusion University, employees now have free 24 hour access to online training that is delivered from Bob Reina himself on the best sales techniques for employees to master in order to ensure long-term success with Talk Fusion and any other professional challenges they decide to take on in life. Learn more:


Bright Future Ahead

The future looks bright for talk fusion as WebRTC technology continues to become more advanced. WebRTC is expected to grow in popularity by 24% each year from now until the year 2025 which bodes well for any company that is already involved in it. Consequently, the day may come when we no longer use phone numbers in order to get in touch with friends and family, but instead just make direct calls to their email address. Only time will tell.

Madison Street Capital receives 2017’s M&A award for Debt Financing Deal of the year

Amidst 650 very worthy opponents, Madison Street Capital received the 2017 M&A (mergers and acquisitions) award for Debt Financing Deal of the year. MSC won this award because of its outstanding work in advising on the transactions for WRL Automotive. The Debt Financing Deal of the year award is the uppermost honor for M&A corporations and specialists and is awarded to top M&A transactions, firms and dealmakers.


Madison Street Capital is a global investment banking firm devoted to brilliance, reliability, leadership, and service in providing corporate financial and consultative services, acquisition knowhow, and merger, financial sentiments, and assessment facilities to publicly and privately held companies.


The company is based in Chicago, Illinois, USA and has satellite offices in North America, Asia, and Africa that enables them to reach out to a large number of clients. The company strives to give equal emphasis to the global offices as the local ones. MSC is known to be time sensitive when it comes to corporate finance and crafting corporate finance relations where both business owners and investors equally profit. Over the years, the company has helped numerous clients reach their goal promptly. The involvement and understanding in corporate supremacy that the firm has garnered is the reason why it is the top provider of financial advisory services, Merging and acquisition (M&A) and assessment.


Madison Street Capital uses an approach that echoes extensive skill and familiarity in all extents of corporate finance, including mergers and acquisition, due to conscientiousness and market pricing, expert financings, assessment, contract configuring, and design application of alternative departure tactics. Madison Street Capital has expertise in the following areas; valuation of financial reporting, business valuation, Assets management industry focus, wealth preservation and tax planning, and corporate evaluation.


Madison Street Capital relies on building resilient businesses in societies everywhere in the United States and the globe. It works diligently to make a transformation within the resident and universal communities through keenness to the wishes of its customers and charitable funding to establishments like the United Way. The Madison Street Capital organization takes pride in the fact that it personalizes its client’s goals and objectives and attributes its success to this trait.


The M&A advisor is acknowledged as the world’s principal leadership institute for mergers and acquisitions, reconstructing and commercial finance experts for over 20 years and MCS receiving an M&A award from M&A Advisors is a great achievement.


For more information, connect with Madison Street Capital on LinkedIn.

How to Pick the Right Wedding Venue in Manhattan

One of the biggest days in anyone’s life is the day that they get married. While getting married can be a very joyous experience, there is a significant amount of work that goes into planning it. One of the biggest decisions that you will ever have to make is picking the right venue. For those that are in the Manhattan area, finding a venue can be a challenging process due to the wide selection available. There are several tips that you could follow that can help you to pick the perfect venue for your Manhattan wedding.


The first thing that you need to do when choosing a wedding venue is to develop your venue budget. You likely already have a total budget for the wedding cost in mind. The cost of the venue is by far the most significant expense. To ensure you have money left over for caterers, and entertainment and other expenses, you need to make sure that you said a practical budget out of that. Fortunately, there are wedding venues available for all budgets in New York City.


When you are looking for a venue in Manhattan, another important tip is to stay organized. You should setup a spreadsheet that will allow you to keep your Venue options organized and comparable. The spreadsheet should include a range of information including the cost, the dates available, the accommodation size, and any other relevant information. Once you have gathered data from a variety of different options, you will be able to quickly compare and contrast each of your options.


When you are looking for a venue, you should also factor in what restrictions the venue may have and how they could impact your wedding. There are many different types of restrictions that vendors can have that can impact the decisions you can make. For example, some venues may require you to use their in-house catering service while others may limit the amount of guests you can have to a low number. In either event, it is important to make sure that you are able to work with the limitations and restrictions.

Many families wonder how much is too much for inmates to pay for phone calls

How much should inmates be forced to pay for outgoing phone calls? This is the question that has long plagued the prison industry, leading to heated debate and many different systems that have formed a patchwork of inconsistency and exorbitant rates being occasionally forced upon inmates.


One of the more compelling arguments in this debate is the fact that it is, oftentimes, the family members who end up paying the bill for their loved ones who are incarcerated to make outgoing phone calls. Because inmates rarely have any significant source of income, the family members are the ones who must foot the bill if they wish to stay in contact with their incarcerated fathers, brothers or sons.


This often has serious implications for the ability of the family to stay together. It is estimated that up to 2.7 million children in the United States have incarcerated fathers. Studies have shown over and over that children who are not able to maintain a father in their lives have worse outcomes across almost all metrics. All too often, children whose fathers are incarcerated for the majority of their childhoods end up following the same footsteps as their parents. These children are at drastically increased risk of being incarcerated, dropping out of high school and getting involved in drugs and crime.


Securus Technologies, the largest inmate communications provider in the country, has been doing all it can to keep the rates that inmates are forced to pay to make outgoing phone calls as low as possible. Even throughout states where Securus is forced to pay high commissions to the institutions in which it does business, such as Louisiana, it has been able to maintain average rates of around $0.15 per minute for all outgoing phone calls. At these rates, it is possible for the majority of inmates to stay in nearly constant contact with her family members, leading to a stronger and more lasting relationships and the ability of fathers who are incarcerated to be a part of their children’s lives.


Five Tips For Hosting A Stress-Free Party

Planning a party should be a fun experience rather than a stressful one. There is a lot of work that goes into planning a party, but there are many event planning companies NYC that are not afraid to share their secrets. Here are five tips for hosting a stress-free party.


Stay Organized: Staying organized is the key to hosting a stress-free party. A planner can stay organized by creating a list for every aspect of their event. They should start with a to-do list of every task that must be completed before the party. The next list should be a shopping list of food, decorations and supplies. They should also create a guest list, which includes dietary restrictions and contact information.


Choose a Theme: It is easier to plan a party when it is based around a theme, such as a luau, fiesta or beach inspired reception. The planner only has to shop for items that fit the specific theme, which saves time and money in the long run.


Serve Simple Appetizers: Providing appetizers instead of a traditional sit-down meal allows guests to serve themselves. It also allows them to mingle with other guests. There are many appetizers with pre-made ingredients to make cooking a breeze, such as cherry tomatoes with basil.


Provide a Self-Serve Bar: A planner can avoid the stress of a full bar service by offering an open bar. The bar should include a decanter, glassware, several types of liquor and several festive mixers.


Schedule One Hour of Alone Time: It is important for every planner to schedule one hour of alone time. They can use that hour to freshen up and clear their mind before their guests arrive. Scheduling alone time makes a big difference when hosting a stress-free party.


Hosts who need help from personal or corporate event planners NYC can turn to Twenty Three Layers. This company has experience with events ranging from a glamorous wedding to a corporate function. The services include building a menu, selecting the venue and hiring the entertainment.


A planner can host a stress-free party by staying organized, keeping it simple and scheduling alone time.




George Soros, The Man Who Never Gave Up

Sometimes people and their stories don’t get properly told. It is interesting to see where successful people come from and what kind of life they lead before their success story kicks off. It is often a reflection of their resilience and their personal growth. The road to success is not an easy one, and people have to have a thick skin to go down that path. However, if they manage to keep their head in the game and take all the opportunities presented to them, many doors open. Many things in life are not about the things people say but the way they say them. Individuals and their attitude change depending on their approach to problems and hardships and more information click here.

George Soros was born in Hungary before the World War was on their doorstep. His family taught George that hard work matters more than anything else and he took that lesson to heart. The family was able to live through the war and the occupation of Hungary, and after the war, George Soros moved to London. He worked different jobs to put himself through school. He was a waiter and worked as a porter while studying at the London School of Economics. Afterwards, he decided to find his new career in banking. He called every investment bank until was invited to start an entry position in one of them.

His new career allowed George Soros to move to the United States where he was able to grow his abilities and talent. Eventually, Soros was able to start his foundation. Coming from a humble background, Soros understand the meaning of education and freedom. He is passionate about offering learning opportunities to people who might not have them otherwise.

The Soros Foundation supports universities in countries that previously were included in the Soviet Union. One of these success stories is the Riga Graduate School of Law in the Baltic Country of Latvia. It is one of the best schools in the country and located in the majestic art nouveau building. It keeps very high standards for professors and students alike and learn more about George Soros.

George Soros cares about people, and his philanthropy is a way he wants to help those who are not as fortunate. His family also taught him the importance of helping others. His generosity is inspirational to others, and young people learn from his example. He never gave up and put his head down, worked hard towards his career and his goal. It is inspirational to people don’t know whether they can achieve their aims and George’s lacrosse camp.

It is important to note people who are helping others as well as promote education for everybody. It should not be exclusive but available for everybody. It also teaches people to work hard on their grades so they can go further in life and follow his Twitter.

Open Society Foundations


Paul Mampilly The Stock Market Genius

Paul Mampilly is an investor and a former hedge fund manager who hails from the United States of America. Mampilly has accomplished a lot in his career as an investor working with the major financial institution such as Swiss bank, royal bank of Scotland and Deutsche Asset Management firm. Among his achievement, Paul Mampilly won the prestigious Templeton Foundation investment competition. Paul has also been featured in media outlets and among them is Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News, and CNBC.

Paul is the founder of Profits Unlimited, a popular investment newsletter. Mampilly has vast experience in investment that spans over twenty years. Mampilly has worked in the biotech and healthcare industry as an analyst. In addition, Mampilly has served as a portfolio manager for many banks and has been part of a team that that has managed a 23 billion-dollar worth of investment and a 6 billion dollars hedge fund that was regarded as one of the world’s best hedge funds by Barron’s in 2008. Mampilly has an impressive clientele list which includes European aristocracy, Swiss private banks, and Fortune companies like Sears and Templeton Foundation among others.

Paul Mampilly is a very good speculator thus able to make correct predictions in the stock market before they take off and has a track record to prove it. His success in the trading market is not by sheer luck, but it is out of the hard work that he and his able team have devoted to extensive research. Mampilly has been able to make a series of successful investments in the stock market and has managed accounts worth millions of dollars.

Any Stock that Mampilly sets his eyes on must reap some profits even after 30 to 40 hours of trading. Mampilly what he does is that he conducts intensive research and spends 20 to 30 hours preparing written recommendations on the trading market. Mampilly devotes a lot of his time and efforts’ studying the trading market and this has given him the requisite skills and Knowledge in picking the winning stocks. Mampilly now focuses on investments that focus on food deliveries, precision medicine, and electric vehicles.

Learn more about Paul Mampilly:

Equities Holding Moves to Melbourne – New Headquarters

Equities Holdings is the global leader of alternative lending strategies, and it continues to expand in the different areas in Australia such as Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney so as to accommodate the company’s growth. Equities First Holdings LLC is considered a global leader and lender, especially with alternative shareholding financing solutions. The company’s headquarters have been moved to Melbourne. The EFH Australian office is in the middle of Melbourne, which makes it more accessible to clients and business associates who may want to access cash for their businesses and learn more about Equities First Holdings.

The Australian part of the company continues to expand which warrants the new office move. With the new relocation, the company gets more space that can accommodate the ever-growing number of clients looking for better ways to finance their businesses. Equities Holdings continues to maintain their position in Australia and more information click here.

The ability to provide stock-based loans is what makes the company succeed as more people are looking for alternative ways to access cash without unnecessary restrictions. Equities First Holdings allows its clients to get cash as long as they have stocks, mutual funds, and other related collateral free loans. Equities Holdings has other offices in different countries including Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, USA, and the UK.

About Equities First Holdings

Equities Holdings has proven to its customers to be the alternative financier of choice. The ability to get cash for whatever reason has been simplified. The company offers loans against stocks. This allows the clients to be able to meet both personal and business goals and Equities First’s lacrosse camp.

The company does not follow through, or demand for an explanation as to what use the money will be put to. Instead, it allows people to get cash as long as they have stock. The success of the Equities Holdings continues to be proven by the company expansion into other counties.

More visit:,-LLC-1

Kim Dao Gets A New Hairdo In Tokyo

Beauty vlogger Kim Dao has changed her hairstyle yet again. You can follow Kim’s amazing transformation in her vlog “NEW HAIR AGAIN?!? | Harajuku ~ Nalu 76 salon | KimDao in JAPAN.


In this vlog’s opening, Kim Dao shows viewers how much her red hair dye has faded. Instead of a deep red, the color now looks like a strawberry blonde. She says she’s going to the Nalu 76 Salon in Tokyo to get her hair touched up. Learn more:


Before she actually gets her hair done, Kim Dao has a long chat with her hairdresser. Kim talks about her obsession with “Pokémon Go” and how she spent four hours in one of Tokyo’s major parks trying to catch Charmanders. Learn more:


Kim then shows us the speedometer app on her phone. Believe it or not, Kim Dao walked 130 kilometers yesterday.


Next, Kim Dao shows us a speeded up version of the hair care process. She chooses to get a blonde color on the top of her hair first.


While she’s waiting for the dye to set into her hair, Kim Dao sips on a lemon-mint tea. She says you can actually order beverages at this hair salon if you so desire. All the beverages average ¥400.


After the blonde has set in, Kim Dao gets a pink dye on top of that. Once her hair dries, Kim Dao looks absolutely gorgeous. She tells the staff at Nalu 76 that she really enjoys her new hair color.


A few moments later, Kim Dao takes us to dinner at an all-you-can-eat okonomiyaki restaurant. She then gets a Krispy Kreme berry donut for dessert. Learn more: