Rocketship Education; Eradicating the Achievement Gap

Rocketship Education focuses on educating and engaging children with its modern teaching techniques that balance technology use and teacher-led activities so that it can eradicate the achievement gap in the nation. The company is a charter school system that deals with underprivileged children across the country. Rocketship Education is based in several locations including WI, Nashville, San Jose Bay Area, TN, Milwaukee, and Washington D.C. Rocketship Education has a number of elementary schools across, and it aims at removing the achievement gap and helping students grow in both character and academics.

Networks or charter schools typically mean schools that are started by teachers, school districts, parents, community, members or entrepreneurs. Charter management organizations usually manage charter schools. They are public-funded independent schools that are given funds according to the number of students who have enrolled. However, the charter management organizations may also look for private funding. Charter schools can create their teaching policies, core values and methods that they believe will positively impact their students by supporting their growth through education and preparing them for the next level.

Rocketship Education, just like other charter schools, has gone through its share of criticisms in the past. However, Rocketship has grown through the critique and seeks to shape education to each person in both differentiated instruction and full grade group learning. The criticism that Rocketship Education receives will only show them where to correct and hence be in a position to educate the students to the best of their capabilities. Rocketship is continually pushing to create a high achieving environment in underserved communities in the hopes of getting rid of the achievement gap. It does this through innovative teaching methods and formation of society within its school regions.

Rocketship Education seeks to enable students to explore their rights to make discoveries, to be imaginative and to learn and discover the world around them.

Rocketship Education Overview

Rocketship Education was founded in 2006, and it serves as a non-profit network of public charter schools helping disadvantaged communities countrywide. Its mission is to eradicate the achievement gap by creating a sustainable and scalable school model that boosts student achievement in undeserved communities nationwide.

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The Recommended Reading List of Nitin Khanna

Recommending a Reading List

When asked whether there were any books Nitin Khanna would like to recommend to others, after a moment reflection, he responded with five he recommends to everyone who asks. Among the best business books that are influential Nitin Khanna chose a selection of five that remain influential.

Winning by Jack Welch

Nitin Khanna recommends reading the book by Jack Welch called Winning. Nitin Khanna believes that even if a person just read the table of contents they would be influenced by the number of very helpful themes in this book and a reminder of some of the very themes he relies upon which he shares about in his road to success.

Influence by Robert Cialdini

Nitin Khanna secondly recommended a bok by Robert Cialdini called Influence. The book is really about being focused and always ready to get down to business. Being focused also means treating others in a very healthy and positive way. Our success is reflected in how we treat others.

Selling the Invisible by Harry Beckwith

This book shows very clearly the difference between selling products and selling services. Nitin Khanna sold products when he and his brother ran Saber Software, but his selling changed when he began Merger Tech, since he had to interest the entrepreneur that he was able to help them reach their potential without actually seeing the added value to their lives before they experienced it.

Execution by Larry Dossidy

Execution treats the strategy of the management of an organization, but also as part of the culture and the ongoing core of the entire organization. Execution is what everyone must do in in organization, but primarily those who lead the company foward.

Messy Middle by Scott Belsky

This book is recommended by Nitin Khanna because it shows how an organization begins at one point and goes to its highest goals. It’s a book, according to Nitin Khanna, about the maturity of an organization and how it presents itself after the fact of having traversed the messy middle of success.

Nitin Khanna is the CEO of Merger Tech, an Advisory Firm forging a way for Mobil Tech Entrepreneurs to reach their full potential in the marketplace. MergerTech is valued at $460 Million today.

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ClassDojo The Future Of Education

You might ask what’s a ClassDojo. Well, it’s an app that not only helps empower everyone in the education of students including both teachers and parents but creates a communication platform. The app is so popular that it has received over 35 million dollars in funding with a total of 65 million raised so far. 

The popularity of this app has grown by leaps and bounds since its creation in 2011 due to the word of mouth and introducing parents to the idea of education beyond the classroom. The app encourages parents to feel more connective in their children’s education and has a 4 and a half star rating with Edsurge.

Liam Don the co-founder expressed the goal of ClassDojo is to build an app that kids love around the world and would be used for education. The founders admit that they saw plenty of books on education, but they wanted to create something that was not only free but easy and fun. 

More than 95 percent from Pre-K to eighth-grade schools participate. Even, 180 countries used this app which along tells how popular the ClassDojo’s app is. Countries like Australia, Spain, The United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates use the app in one-quarter of their elementary schools. Children benefit from the apps because it helps pique their interest in learning. 

One example of ClassDojo is that teachers use the app to design schedule activities daily and keep parents in the loop by taking pictures of the child’s latest work or activity. 

ClassDojo is growing in both private and charter schools. Furthermore, the app popularity had led to more investors. Investors like GSV, Reach Capital and SignalFire are new investors. As for future goals, the app could someday have a transaction feature added that would allow parents to pay for school activities such as lunch, field trips or supplies. 

Isabel dos Santos Defends Africa

Isabel dos Santos has negotiated in the business field. She is the richest woman and the most influential woman in Africa. She has many business connections both in Africa and in the international markets. She also delivers a speech to students at Yale University.

Who is this richest woman in Africa?

Isabel dos Santos is the eldest daughter of the former Angolan president, Edwardo dos Santos. She was brought up in the royal family and went Kent girls’ Boarding high school. She excelled in her studies and later went to pursue electrical engineering in London, Kings College. She recounts how she joined the university when she was barely 18. She studied together with men and women from all over the globe. She mats indicia at the college, and he later became her love and husband. The couple has four children (CNN).

Early career life

Isabel dos Santos was made the project manager in Urbana under the reign of her father as the president. After managing this and many other companies recorded in the forex list. She decided to pursue her career in telecoms. She is a partner in many telecoms both in Angola and Portugal. Isabel is a shareholder in Banco Formento De Angola. Se created and acquired Unitel from scratch. She was given the license to establish another Telkom firm in Sao Tome and Principe. She also has shares in the TV satellite that operates ZAP.

She has also ventured in hospitality and began the very first hotel and restaurant on the cost of Luanda. She also partnered with the Portuguese to open the first supermarket in the nation of Angola. Isabel dos Santos owns the lion’s share in the NOVA Camangola cement company.

Besides the many business connections, Isabel dos Santos delivers lectures in many forums. She defends women and teaches them how to be economically independent. She is projected to speak at the Yale University conference organized by the students. She also defended Africa in the international conference. She claimed that Africa should be digitalized in this century. She has withstood all the challenges she faces as a woman amongst men.

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Allied Wallet: The Value of Innovation and Selflessness

One of the most notable and leading providers of mainstream online payment processing is known as Allied Wallet. The company is providing its services nationwide and internationally, this would not be possible without the leadership of its Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Andy Khawaja. The man is an active philanthropist and has been supporting plenty of charities and causes continuously for more than a decade.

The outreach programs being held by Dr. Khawaja has been committed to the United States Veterans and they are very grateful for their service and assistance. In addition to this, Allied Wallet has made important contributions to several groups like the American Red Cross, From the Heart Productions, STAR Team for the Children, Los Angeles Police Canine Association, Brent Shapiro Foundation, and a lot more. They have a feeling that being able to give back to the community should be part of their responsibility and duty as well as giving back to the groups that were previously mentioned. It is significant to honor these kinds of groups who were able to protect and ensure freedom.

According to Dr. Andy Khawaja, Allied Wallet has the power to connect buyers and sellers by giving them the power to transact safely and precisely online. The company has always been dedicated and loyal to their clients all over the world and assists them by being hands-on, and meeting and exceeding their expectations. Allied Wallet has been receiving awards because of their outstanding services and the Chief Executive Officer was the one who proudly accepts all of their awards on their behalf. Furthermore,Allied diversifiesvthe industry of e-commerce by providing unique, new, and innovative solutions for payment processing, particularly for their online merchants. This enables all merchants to receive and send payments worldwide, by providing unique, new, and innovative solutions for payment processing, particularly for their online merchants. This enables all merchants to receive and send payments worldwide.

The company has PCI compliant merchant services for any type of business, any size, and products or services. Allied Wallet is able to give the most advanced and safest payment portal in order to optimize all transactions, big or small, that will be made by an individual online.

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ClassDojo’s Impact in Classroom Empowerment

ClassDojo is a communication platform for teachers and parents to engage each other in regards to the student’s welfare. This app that was started in 2011 by Sam Chaudhary-CEO and Liam Don-CTO, was aimed at making classrooms happier by engaging the parents into the school activities of their kids. Their main mission was to identify the main challenges in communication that teachers could be having in class and try to provide solutions.

The app has greatly improved the connection between teaches, students and parents and also grown immensely as compared to when it was starting up. As it stands, every 2 in 3 schools use the app and one in every six families of kids who are in primary school uses it on a daily basis. ClassDojo has recently received $35 million in funding which is meant to widen its free communication app and also help in its efforts to monetize the app.

There is a new service in ClassDojo called Beyond School that is meant to incorporate at -home tutorials in the school work and therefore prove general learning. This service will be an optional subscription that is in an effort to bring in some income through the app. The areas the that Beyond School seeks to improve are such as studying habits and other suchlike areas that can be improved at home as well as in school.

In terms of growth, ClassDojo has been on a rising curve since 2015 when it was valued at $99 million. Right now it could be about $400 M or even more. The US is the biggest market for the app but that has not limited its reach by any means. ClassDojo has penetrated 180 other countries including Hong Kong, UK, Spain and Singapore. With the improvements that the app is regularly adopting, it has been able to create a positive culture with classrooms and schools all over the world.

ClassDojo is therefore the only app that is entirely devoted to kids and so because the only stakeholders are parents and teachers. With services like Beyond School, the idea came from what parents felt they needed to work on with their children and that builds a very amazing class community for kids. It has created a strong connection between teachers, parents and students which makes the students feel empowered.

Nick Vertucci is an Accomplished Real Estate Investor

Nick Vertucci is recognized as a master in real estate flipping. He has made a great name due to his great achievements. He started real estate after the fall of his tech business that flopped during the 2000 dot-com crash. Real estate is highly unpredictable, but Nick is an accomplished risk taker. He has spent many years in learning, studying, and implementing the skills that he had obtained in the real estate industry. Nick dedicated his time and energy into the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy for over a year. His ultimate goal for the academy is to educate others on how to go about real estate investment successfully. He has encountered great challenges in the establishment of the academy, but his hard work and dedication helped him to maneuver over everything.

Nick Vertucci is also an excellent poker player. He has competed with many prominent and established poker players who have helped him improve and reinforce his skills and expertise. He has shared a poker table with several celebrities such as James Wood, Jennifer Tilly, Don Cheadle, and Ben Affleck. His passion for poker date way before he ventured the real estate business. He played his first tournament in 2004 and finished in number 8 out of 251. This was in No-Limit Texas Hold’Em Championship. This is a clear indication that he had worked on his skills in poker.

Real estate has tremendously contributed in his poker prowess. This is because real estate has helped him in developing the ability to read the game and always making the best decision. In 2016, Nick Vertucci participated in the World Series of Poker where Hendon mob featured him in number 828 over the 7190 participants. Despite that he did not top the game, his ranking in Hendon mob implied that he would soon rise to high achievement in the poker industry.

The Rise of and Richard Lui Qiandong was established by Richard Lui in 2003, since then the company has been highly successful. Currently the platform is worth $57.6 billion and is a major force in the Asian market. Right now Richard Lui has a net worth of $11 billion, with most of his earnings coming from The platform sells top of the range retail products to anyone who can easily access the service. Its successes have led companies like Walmart to invest heavily in the business. Walmart recently increased the shareholdings within to 12%. In other financial activities, they invested $397 million in Farfetch to increase their Asian reach in the luxury goods market.

All major companies need to break boundaries to achieve that next step of achievement. To combat the problem of long distance delivery, started a drone delivery system that solved the problem. Along with this was the ability to access remote regions around China and Asia. The platform was initially funded by his previous venture, Jindong, as did not get to this point overnight. Jindong was established in Beijing around the year 1998, right after Richard Lui left his job as the head of department at Japan Life. Before that, he had graduated with a degree in sociology from the university. His undergraduate degree was followed up by an EMBA from the Chinese European Business School. He knew the value of technical skills earlier on, and trained himself in the art of coding.

All this together led to the start of Jindong. The company retailed authentic products in the first couple of years. Their propensity for success allowed them expand, setting up twelve stores in different locations around. Jindong was special because of the quality products they sold, going against the retail norm around that region of selling fake goods. Due to this, their customer base grew in size. As a child born into a working class family, he always knew the value of hard work and that has carried him a long way to his current status in society. A true inspiration to everyone following such path.

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Techniques offered by Agora Financial to safe invest your money

The money kept in the bank can’t return you the needs of your retirement. We should think about taking advantage of our money and make a good investment out of it in the best and fastest way we could. For sure, we won’t give our money easily to an investment broker or anybody for investment unless we don’t trust them. What if they steal it and vanish. Luckily, we’ve someone to trust now. The company we can trust for our investment is Agora Financial. There are various reasons to trust Agora.

People who have no knowledge about investing and they are being paid handsomely or keeping enough amount of money in their hands, can avail proper counseling for investing in good stocks. All that person needs is the precise information from a trusted investment advisor, that how much amount should be invested and where to be invested.

About 1,000,000 million investors already got help from Agora Financial. Numerous investors in Agora are just ordinary people like us who have no knowledge about investing. These investors got some great help from Agora and managed to grow their money attractively. Agora Financial provides the kind of educational materials which aids the clients in growing their income in the best way. Different fields of the market are offered to the clients, so they can choose the best for themselves. Agora Financial keeps the best advisors who provide the readers with the wisest investment and financial advice.

Richard Liu Qiangdong, the Founder and CEO of

Richard Liu Qiangdong is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the which is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in China. According to Forbes, Richard Liu is said to have a net worth of approximately $11 billion. He graduated from the University of Renmin with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology in 1996. However, he spent most of his time as a college student honing his programming skills through freelance coding work. Richard Liu Qiangdong followed his bachelor’s degree with the EMBA from the famous Europe International Business School in China.

Richard Liu Qiangdong’s Childhood and Early Life

He was born in Jiangsu Province in China in the city of Suqian. His coal-shipping parents helped install the value of patience, hard work and proper education in him. After his primary and secondary education, Richard Liu Qiangdong was enrolled in the Sociology degree program at the University of Renin China.

Richard Liu’s Career Path

After his graduation, Richard Liu was hired by the Japan Life Company, which is a health product firm. While at the company he held various roles during the two-year tenure, which include the director for businesses and computers. After the instructive enterprise failure in the restaurant sector, followed by the selling of health products, Richard Liu Qiangdong started selling computer accessories in his retail business in 1998 in Beijing China. After attaining some stability, the business was affected by the SARS epidemic, making him switch the operation of the physical stores to the online platform. This was the start of the e-commerce venture that was still dominated by the sales of electronic items.

The Growth, Expansion, and

Just within the first iteration of the online venture, Richard Liu Qiangdong sold the computer accessories and the magneto-optical products that his stores offered before establishing the e-commerce platform. Before long, other vendors started to see the potential and profitability associated with the platform and wanted to work and sell their products on the growing platform. Richard Liu leveraged the newly formed relationships into long-term partnerships. Richard Liu Qiangdong started to sell high-quality products on the e-commerce platform, changing its name to